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INEX and Lanier National Speedway: Legends and the Bandoleros

Thursday Aug 1, 2013

Braselton, Georgia is home to the Lanier National Speedway where NASCAR racing events were held until 2011. The racetrack is now open only for large events. The owners put the track up for sale after 30 years of racing success. There used to be approximately 175 racetracks in the state of Georgia. Today, only about 24 have survived. Racing events of all types are still popular throughout the world. NASCAR is a racing event that brings hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. The sport is likely to continue in popularity even as racetracks such as the Lanier National Speedway has stopped operations.

Race car drivers must train for years before they are good enough to compete with more experienced drivers. Legendary race car drivers train throughout the year to become good at their craft. Stock car racing has been a favorite American past time since the 1920s. It is a form of family entertainment that brings men, women and children out to the track on the weekend tours. These racing events offer spectators a thrilling experience as they watch the best drivers in the world maneuver the tracks at high speeds. There is also an element of danger this is exciting to most people.

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